Artists & Rebels is an independent, creative company.


A multi-platform production and interactive entertainment company with a focus on turning new and nostalgic ideas into authentic brands, compelling stories and immersive experiences.

Our band of creative pirates is purpose-built around our unique business challenges; pairing multidisciplinary creative thinking and execution with the strategic acumen demanded by modern brands and audiences.

We are the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… The ones who see things differently - the ones not fond of rules...

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this Country and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.


We challenge thoughts, processes, and the status quo. We disrupt. We push. We raise the bar and we call people out. We see things differently and believe that great work is only great if it reaps results.


Our collaborations can be seen in the form of creative direction, content creation, advertising, brand development, licensing, augmented reality, design and social media strategy.


We are always looking for new opportunities to connect our properties, provide a platform to reach new markets or expand each of our brand’s fan base through rich and engaging content.


Artists & Rebels believes in entertaining, not interrupting. We strive to connect, inform and inspire people through the power of storytelling.

#MadeByArtistsAndRebels is a celebration of the artist and rebel in all of us.


It is a simple but determined yearning to create, to tear things down, to tell a story, to champion a cause or to simply find a better way. This is our creative outlet, a series of brands, stories, games and experiences developed and managed by the Artists & Rebels team.


We dream, create and execute on the impossible. From social media content and feature films to owned brands and apps, our projects embody the tenacious audacity of our imaginations.


We want to make a difference. Through contributions, nonprofit collaborations and volunteering; Artists & Rebels aims to bring positive, lasting change to the world.

Please join us in supporting direct action organisations such as Sea Shepherd, Special Olympics, Rural Fire Services and Sesame Workshop.

Artists & Rebels is also committed to guiding new and emerging talent through our creative incubator program. Successful applicants get the chance to work on real projects with real clients and real deadlines.

Each year, we look for writers, photographers, artists, designers, filmmakers, animators, coders, lawyers, philosophers, thinkers, and poets to apply for a spot in the program and a chance to come in, learn something, teach something, and make something.