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Artists & Rebels is a creative venture studio for the connected world.


A multi-platform venture capital and entertainment company that develops pioneering brands, talent and original content for film, emerging technologies, and digital networks. 

 Our mission is to entertain, inform and inspire through the power of storytelling and to expand the boundaries of what’s possible for the brands, talent and audiences we connect. Artists & Rebels curates attention through strategic innovative storytelling, compelling content and immersive digital experiences.


Our band of creative pirates is purpose-built around our unique business challenges; pairing multidisciplinary creative thinking with the strategic acumen demanded by modern brands and audiences.

We tell stories and harness attention.

Artists & Rebels is an ideas company at heart. Our projects embody the tenacious audacity of our imaginations. We dream, create and execute on the impossible to bring audiences the best brand partnerships, entertainment and daily digital experiences.


Artists & Rebels uses its globally connected hive of talent to develop original and licensed IP, bringing creative ideas to life.​ Artists & Rebels is dedicated to creating delightful experiences. We connect audiences through a diversified portfolio of lifestyle, action sports, technology and entertainment.

We operate at the intersection of technology and creativity.


Whether we’re guiding brands or talent, creating engaging content or designing immersive digital gameplay; we apply fresh thinking to deliver the world’s best entertainment and digital experiences for our talent, audience and players everywhere.

Home to a diverse line-up, Artists & Rebels offers an infinite world of possibility for brands looking to connect, be seen and create innovative content. The A&R roster covers talent and influencers across the spectrum of fashion, technology, action sports and entertainment.

Artists & Rebels is in a constant state of dreaming, collaborating and designing that aims to entertain, challenge industry norms and solve problems.


Artists & Rebels works with some of the coolest brands in the world, big and small. We believe that when artists and rebels come together, they can change the world.

Artists & Rebels builds long-term brand value by delivering compelling equity partnerships, innovative content and immersive digital experiences. We create and activate original social media and digital asset strategies that drive the success of our brands, talent and partners across touchpoints, platforms and emerging media.

Artists & Rebels is a single destination for creative, strategy & production. We tailor influencer campaigns, branded content and digital experiences. Our strategically led creative leverages authentic storytelling, fun gameplay mechanics and drives meaningful engagement at scale.

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this Country and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.