Artists & Rebels is a creative agency and multi-platform production company

We strive to entertain, inform and inspire people through the power of storytelling.

We pioneer original and branded ideas for film, television, social media, emerging technologies and digital networks.

A band of creative pirates; Artists & Rebels sets out to have a positive and lasting impact on people’s lives by cultivating and transforming ideas into authentic brands, compelling stories and immersive experiences.


Artists & Rebels has a range of projects launching in 2020. From social media content and feature films to owned brands and apps.

We curate, develop, and invest in new products, experiences and entertainment properties made by artists and rebels from around the world.


Brands. Stories. Experiences.

Our strategy will always start with authenticity and creativity.

Artists & Rebels was created to be a change agent for industries desperately clinging to legacy models and outdated ways of thinking. Artists & Rebels is built for the now, committed to engaging stories in today’s ever changing landscape.

We collaborate through; Creative Consulting. Content Strategy + Production. Social Media Creative. Influencer Management. Paid Digital Media. Experiential Integration. Brand Development & Licensing

Our teams are purpose-built around our unique business challenges, and they bring multidisciplinary creative thinking to every stage of collaboration.


We want to make a difference. Through contributions, collaborating with nonprofits, in-kind gifts and volunteering; Artists & Rebels aims to bring positive, lasting change to the world.

Please join us in supporting direct action organisations such as Sea Shepherd, RSPCA, PCYC, Mater Foundation, Surf Lifesaving Foundation, WildAid, Special Olympics, Rural Fire Services, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Sesame Workshop.